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Audition Monologues


Please prepare the monologue below if auditioning for a role.

Please demonstrate an American accent (not southern).


#1 Annie

No! Please don’t make me take my locket off. I don’t want a new one. This locket, my Mom and Dad left it with me when...when they left me at the Orphanage. And there was a note, too. (loudly) They’re coming back for me. And, I know, being here with you for Christmas, I’m real lucky. But...I don’t know how to say it… (She begins to cry) The one thing I want in all the world...more than anything else is to find my mother and father. (more tears) And to be like other kids, with folks of my own.

#2 Annie

Pipe down, all of you. Do you want Hannigan to hear you? I know, she’s talking in her sleep. Shhhh, Molly. It’s all right, Annie’s here. Blow. It was only a dream. Now we’ve all got to get back to sleep. It’s after three a.m. All right, I’ll read you my note again if you promise to go back to sleep. (clears throat) “ . . . Please take care of our little darling. We’ve named her Annie. She was born on Oct. 28 . . . “ So, you’re laughing are you? Do you want to sleep with your teeth inside your mouth or out?


Mama! Mama! Mommy! I was dreamin’ ‘bout my Mama, Annie. We was on the merry-go-round and she was smiling and holding my hand. And then, she was gone. I couldn’t stop the merry-go-round and I couldn’t find her no more, no where. Annie, will you read me your note again, please? It always makes me feel better


Shut up, Molly! Can’t anybody get any sleep around here? Don’t feel sorry for her. We’re the one’s who aint getting any sleep! Shut your trap, Molly! What? You’re telling me to pipe down? You must have meant that tone of voice for someone else. You wanna make somethin’ of it? You’re just beggin’ for a black eye, pal.


Oh my goodness, Oh my goodness! They’re fighting again and I won’t get no sleep all night! Oh my goodness, Oh my goodness! Molly’s talkin’ in her sleep. Her eyes are still closed. She don’t know how loud or soft her voice is when she’s asleep. At least she’s not snoring. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! Now she’s snoring!


#1 Miss Hannigan

Oh, poor punkin, out in the freezin’ cold with just that thin sweater. I hope you didn’t catch influenza. Thanks so much, Officer. Good afternoon, Officer. (Officer Ward leaves. To Annie.) Now, I’m gonna have your head and the next time you walk out that door it’ll be 1953. Well, are you glad to be back? Huh? (“Yes, Miss Hannigan”) Liar! What’s the one thing I always taught you: Never tell a lie. For what you done I could get fired. Have the Board of Orphans stickin’ their nose in here. Well, you’ll pay for it. I promise.

#2 Miss Hannigan

(catching Annie sneaking out) Aha! Caught you! I hear ya, brat. I ALWAYS

hear ya. Rotten orphan. Now, for this one’s shenanigans, you’ll scrub this floor, and strip them

beds for the laundry man. And then you’ll get down on your knobby little knees and clean this

dump until it shines like the top of the Chrysler Building. Get to work. Now! Why any kid would

want to be an orphan, I’ll never know.

#1 Warbucks

I was born into a very poor family in what they call Hell’s Kitchen, right here in New York. Both of my parents died before I was ten. And I made a promise to myself — some day, one way or another, I was going to be rich. Very rich. By the time I was twenty-three I’d made my first million. Then, in ten years, I turned that into a hundred million. (Nostalgically) Boy, in those days that was a lot of money. (Back to business) Anyway, making money is all I’ve ever given a damn about. And I might as well tell you, Annie, I was ruthless to those I had to climb over to get to the top. Because I’ve always believed one thing: You don’t have to be nice to the people you meet on the way up if you’re not coming back down again. (Softening just a bit) But, I’ve lately realized something. No matter how many Rembrandts or Duessenbergs you’ve got, if you have no one to share your life with, if you’re alone, then you might as well be broke and back in Hell’s Kitchen. You understand what I’m trying to say?

#2 Warbucks

Been away six weeks , where is everybody? Hello! It’ s good to be home. The flight wasn’t bad. It took eleven hours and we only had to land four times. Now, first thing’s first. Has the painting arrived from Paris? Let me see it before they hang it. Ah, yes. Hmm? No, I don’t think so. Any messages? The president. I’ll get back to him tomorrow. Anyone else? All right, good to see you all again. Grace, if you’ll get your notebook and -- Who is that? The orphan? But that’s not a boy. Orphans are supposed to be boys.


Good afternoon, Miss Hannigan. Mr. Warbucks is delighted with Annie. And Annie is having the time of her life. She and Mr. Warbucks are practically inseparable. They go everywhere together. The Roxy, to the Stock Exchange. Oh, and guess where they had lunch yesterday? The automat! And she just loves her new coat. She never takes it off. Miss Hannigan, I know you’re busy but this has to be signed and sent back to Mr. Donatelli at the Board of Orphans by no later than 10 o’clock tomorrow morning. Mr. Warbucks is so taken with Annie that, guess what? He wants to adopt her. And Mr. Warbucks asked me to drop by in person to tell you Annie won’t be coming back here, ever. Well then, good day, Miss Hannigan!

#1 Rooster

Oops, pardon me, blondie. Hi ya, Sis. Long time no see. The finally let me out, I got six months off for good behavior. Sis, I’d like you to meet a friend of mine from Jersey City. Miss Lily St. Regis. Don’t you just love Lily, Sis? This time some old geezer from Yonkers said I swindled him outta eleven hundred bucks. Why did he say I swindled him out of eleven hundred bucks? Cuz…. I swindled him out of eleven hundred bucks.

#2 Rooster

Excuse me ma’am are you the lady that runs this here orphanage? Ma’am was you workin here eleven years ago? Well we had terrible troubles back then. We had to head north to Canada. And we had to leave a baby here on the front stoop…. (Crows like Rooster) Gotcha sis! Fooled ya Aggie and now we’re gonna fool Warbucks too. I’m not about to sit here while some crummy orphan is living in the lap of luxury and the two Hannigan kids have ended up on the skids. I got a plan.

#1 Lily

Hi. I’m Lily St. Regis from Jersey City. You know, like the hotel. I’m named after it! So you live in this dump? The city may foot your bill but this aint exactly Buckingham Palace. (she laughs) Your pearls aint even real. Rooster? I thought you said your big sis was livin’ in clover? She’s living’ in the skids

#2 Lily

Honey, we’re your mom and dad! You never no it dear but you are Annie Mudge. We had to go away and we couldn’t bring along no baby. Oh Annie, all the years I dreamed of holdin you in my arms again. Ralph, look Annie’s wearin the locket! Oh thank God Ralph, she’s our Annie

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